Emerging musician on the rise at Seton Hall

College student by day, singer/songwriter by night Keith Egan is no ordinary 20-year-old, recently dropping his album “The Best Is Yet To Come”, his passion for songwriting and music combined with personal life experiences was the motor to create his pop-rock style record.

ketih 2
Egan performing at Firehouse Studio.

The sophomore broadcasting and visual sound media major attends Seton Hall University. Egan, from Tinton Falls, New Jersey, grew up listening to the classic New Jersey natives, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

Egan said his influence for involvement in music came from the encouragement of his mom, “My grandpa’s a singer, my mom did musical theater—more of an actor and my grandma is a good singer,” he said. “They do mostly church related singing, but I am the first one to record and write my own music.”

Egan began singing at 7-years-old in his class shows at Mahala F. Atchison Elementary School, and from there started music lessons where he learned the basics of guitar, “I learned enough in order to perform,” he said.

“I started when I was in elementary school, just writing songs that weren’t any good—just for fun, but I started writing real songs in seventh and eighth grade,” Egan said.

In 2015, Egan released his first project “Come Along”, an EP containing four songs, followed by his recent album “The Best Is Yet To Come”, an eight-song record released this past summer. Both are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Within his EP collection, a specific song, “Come Along” features his first music video. “I didn’t think this would be the main song,” Egan said, referring to the video that has reached over 4,000 views. “My inspiration came from a long relationship in high school—it was all a big mess. It happened extremely randomly, walking back from football practice. I came up with ‘my love will come along’, and then wrote more of the song partially in class.”

Egan said his biggest musical influence and role model in the industry is Ed Sheeran, “You can’t force a song,” he explains.  “If I want to get in the mood I go on a long car ride and listen to music for a while. If I want to write a song I’ll listen to one specific artist the whole time – like Ed Sheeran, James Bay or James Arthur.”

Egan’s producer for his album, Matt Dubrow owner of Firehouse Studio, met Egan when he played at his home in an old firehouse, which last year a designated room was a venue for concerts. Now the room has turned into a recording studio.

A few months after the concert, Egan reached out to Dubrow in hopes to make a record in his studio. “From the start he was awesome to work with,” Dubrow said. “He had a very clear idea of what he was looking for sonically, and put a lot of trust in the recording process and in me as an engineer.”

Firehouse Studio in Oceanport, New Jersey

Dubrow explained how it was difficult to anticipate the conflicts that could result from “mixing and tracking songs for an artist” who is currently enrolled in college. “Fortunately, there was never a conflict,” Dubrow said. “Keith is a very genuine person and his music is a total reflection of that.”

Dubrow referenced how easy it was to gather musicians willing to “lend a hand or a riff” in the creating of Egan’s pop album. “I also just have to mention I think his voice is great, and ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ is still one of the best sounding productions I’ve sent to print. Hope to work with his music again in any capacity.”

Alongside Egan’s devotion to music, he has a strong passion for sports news and broadcasting. He spends time on SHU’s campus working with clubs and organizations specifically relating to that industry.

He is involved with Pirate TV and Hall Talk, a weekly new segments solely focused on Seton Hall sports. Egan participates in the radio station on campus, WSOU Sports, he writes for the sports section of the Setonian Newspaper and is currently an intern at CNBC’s breaking news desk.

Egan aspires to pursue his music career, and continue releasing and selling his music to labels. “In the end it’s just do whatever comes around and go with it,” he explains.  “I love doing broadcasting—it’s nice to have two loves and one to have as more practical as a career, but I know I can always do music.”

Christina Vitale can be reached at christina.mcdonaldvitale@student.shu.edu

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